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Zine for free ^_^to download :) [Aug. 26th, 2006|09:52 am]
xxx The philosophic little Cherie xxx
[mood |calmcalm]


at the create section of my site you can find the pdf file to download of my one shot zine Lost or Unsent written in July/august 2005
poetic and kind of philosophic thoughts of mine and fictionnal too in my unsent letters.
Hope you'll enjoy it
Blessed be!
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Hey deep fairy souls!Maybe you'd like to join:) [Feb. 27th, 2006|09:13 pm]
xxx The philosophic little Cherie xxx

[mood |calmcalm]

Last evening I made a collage and it brought me a new enthusiasming idea ,which is why I have created a new community with this creative project!
so feel free to join,if you are interested and inspired by it:)

Your postcards would be most welcome in this project!

I am running the risk it won't be successful and won't work but I really don't mind,nothing can kill the fire of creativity and inspiration I am feeling and breathing and enjoying right now:)

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from a deep soul into the spider web who can catch me some stars? [May. 1st, 2005|08:24 pm]
xxx The philosophic little Cherie xxx

name: what's in a name?
age:age is nothing but a number :D
gender: female

work/school: looking for work


e-mail: comment if interested with your email:)

main interests: creative writing,Nonsense,weirdos,abnormality,Deep tolerance but no faking kindness,Nature,protecting the planet,anime,japan,vintage,mail art,poetry,reading,the moonlight,the sky at night,imagining what's behind,underneath,above,below,inside...dreamers,intelligence,dolls,Knowledge,wisdom,shamans,Hinduism,Buddhism,paganism,delicious meal,soft voices,fairies,collages,being creative,making art...being able to help some souls...

described as: poetic,deep,creative,kind( but I can be a bitch if you try to put me or my friends down or trampled me upon..)very frank,moody,inspiring( I must say this last one is too much but these persons are too kind maybe?who knows?)

music: Music is divine,I love it to bits...I cannot mention just one so we'll see that in letters:)
just know that piano rock,female voices,rock female singer,folk and very unique or melancholly mystic stuff trully touch my soul!

movies: things that makes me dream or feel like a child again,moving stuff,or things that makes me think a lot and see life on a different horizon!

books/authours: too many to mention but I love reading poetry,psychology books,things that will help me improve ,grow wiser,things that are very decadent ,very witty and deep writers!I need to be able to relate!

art/artists:  open Interpretation, abstract, modern art, water colors,oil paintings,japanese,Indian,vintage collages artists like teesha moore,tartx(tiffiny electra X),sally jean...kandinsky,Lagage,Klimt,Chu the chun,Miro,Kalho,dali,Mark ryden,the girl who made the icon I have at the moment:)(guess she drew it or paint this girl?)

other random favorite people/things/places:  spring ,childhood books,stories,lilacs,unique and cute/colorful or melancholly postcards,very original/unique deep long letters, stationary,stickers,unicorns,pink stuff,handmade stuff,interesting conversations,true kind hearts...I worship empathy and the metta(loving kindness)

collect: postcards,stickers,  vintage cards/pictures, stationary,fairies,,rubber stamps,art material plushes and a lot more

specifically seeking: Deep souls,true human beings I could have a real interesting sharing with,who are willing to let me enter their inner world and share a lot about everything,something that could last forever so no one under 18 because I know it never last when you are too young you collect penpals and dont enrich a relationship,you always prefer to meet new people,I think things that last and grow with time are fantastic and make the penpalling stronger and more interesting!

prefer long, medium or short letters?: I dont really mind but it has to be something dedicated and sincere!if you just write about what you've just eaten I won't care to answer that's understandable :D

how many pen pals do you want?:I am an open door for true friends but dont waste your time saying you want to write and won't do it,just be honest and mature please!do what you want to do and what you will do!

do you trade fbs/decos/slams/atc cards?: I don't really trade,I think I give presents to my true friends I m not into fbs decos and slams...I do atcs but not really trade I just offer them:)as I offer other mail art stuff:)mixed cds when i have time and care to be passionate ;)

international or local penpals?: Both

anything else?: I am searching for committed penpals who write at least once a month,I am someone who spend hours on a letter to add little things inside( I m financially unstable so I try to make pretty things or share my stuff)so I am seeking people who will put effort in their letters to me...I find it very hard to bear letters who talk about only daily life and who has no decoration at all,just white sheet and dark ink...a little boring to me,I also think true friends dont make you wait ages for a reply and that its nice to send an email when you think you dont want to write anymore!it s honest!
I am basically searching for souls like me but with their own world and thoughts( what they have seen,felt ,lived etc)to share a lot!
I have sincerely a lot to give but if you are not regular and invoved with me then my heart goes frozen or distant...that's it!
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My intro [Apr. 29th, 2005|05:52 pm]
xxx The philosophic little Cherie xxx

[mood |blahblah]

I really love to name my different personnality,so I love to go by nicknames or more poetic names than my real name...
I am on my was for a quest of beautiful souls, because in this world everyone might be unique because of many things but most of the time we are all so similar and just like sheep,following and being fucked up by the State!
I am very into neo humanism however I can sound deeply misanthropist!
I think people always flee from me because they feel I judge them ,putting the level too high for them...
I know I sound badly elitist,but do I have to accept the common people,do I have to let myself be bored and fake relationships? fake friendships?
I never can force myself to write a letter for instance!
I adore penpalling but it s impossible for me to write just for receiving letters!
I need some substancial stuff,something deep and interesting!
I have been into penpalling since so many years I feel I have received a huge amount of common letters that could have been written by only one person because in their letter there was such a void!a lack of personnality!
Many people keep on saying they are different and go by stereotypes,wanna be this or that,it s so pathetic!
I love souls who have a strong personnality and their own world!
I love when they talk to me and that all the atmosphere is full of their queendom,full of their dreams and own philosophy!
I love very witty fairy who have a lot to say about everything,who read a lot or write a lot and have so many things to share :)
I am in love with knowledge and intelligence and paradoxically I am a child at heart!
Can you be damn mature and silly childish at the same time?
I think this is wonderful!This saved me from death for sure!
I adore masquerades and playing with masks,showing this way the different inner me's':)
I think we all have so many strange little girls inside ourselves,it s funky to dress them all a different and weird way:)
I adore expressions of any kind : art,visual,words,internet, languages,music etc...
I am also a nature lover...Who could leave without hugging trees?
I cherish empathy and true kindness because it s a magick source of inspiration for me...
I have created this community to make a beautiful queedom of fairy souls,girls who are as deep as I am!
Girls who can be my friends,which is why it will be very selective!
it wont mean you are stupid or not good enough for me,but just that I cannot imagine you could enter my world and of course this is only subjective so no offence!
I am a huge open ocean ready to embrace new magick bonds so feel free to send me a letter if you want to enter my soul and be my new penpal!
I am someone very involved in penpalling,I consider this like the best way to know someone because you all can realise how different it is to write to someone and speak with some colleagues at work or at school,it s so different!
You are so honest and frank in letter because you have time and nothing to hide!words come out so easily!
Whereas when you have to speak ,you rarely meet the souls you can really be entirely yourself with!
I am also open for livejournal friends but no epals...or just once in a while...

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